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Hammer Vaporizer

Hammer Vaporizer


The Hammer vaporizer is very different from other portable vaporizers on the market. It operates with butane instead of batteries, making it even more transportable than most.

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Hammer Vaporizer

The Hammer vaporizer is very different from other portable vaporizers on the market. It operates with butane instead of batteries, making it even more transportable than most. The Hammer is very affordable, easy to use, efficient, and is compatible with a variety of accessories.

The Hammer vaporizer was designed to look like a hammer, and it does. It even comes in a box that resembles a tool box and includes a nail for a stir tool. One of the best features of the Hammer is that you will never have to worry about dead batteries again, or finding a power source to plug into. All you need is some butane and you will be good to go! There is also a temperature dial to allow you a wider range of temperatures to vape your materials. The Hammer vaporizer is great for camping trips, days at the beach, or even those festivals that last several days at a time. You will never have to charge your battery, and refilling with butane only takes a second. One full tank of butane will outlast most battery powered vaporizers.


The Hammer vaporizer provides the main traits that are commonly looked for in a portable vaporizer:

Portable and Simplistic
Easy to Use
Butane Powered


The Hammer measures in at 1.5 x 3.5 x 6” and weighs only .40 lbs., making it a very lightweight handheld vaporizer. The glass stem, which serves as the mouthpiece as well as the herb chamber, is about 3.5” long.

Material Compatibility

The Hammer Vaporizer is to be used with dry herbs.

What’s included with the Hammer

The Hammer includes:

2 Glass Mouthpieces
2 Screens
1 Nail
1 Carrying Case

The Hammer is available in one standard color.

Hammer Warranty

The Hammer vaporizer is covered under warranty by Head Tools LLC for a period of 1 year after the purchase date. If there is a claim and it is not at fault of the owner, Head Tools will either repair the defected product, exchange the product for a new, or at least functional product, or refund the purchase price. The warranty will not cover any defect caused by abuse, misuse, accident, any natural disaster and will not cover any device that has been altered or modified in any way.

How the Hammer Works

Since the Hammer doesn’t come with an instruction manual there could be some initial complications with the device. However, with a little time, anyone can get the technique down to successfully vape from your Hammer vaporizer like a pro. To get started, as with any other vaporizer, you want to grind your materials as finely as possible. Then, make sure that the Hammer has been filled with butane. If not, you can easily fill it by inserting the butane tip into the bottom of the Hammer and squeezing until you see excess butane coming from inside the unit. Next, insert your herb into the chamber part of the mouthpiece. You can do so by sucking the herbs into the chamber by inhaling on the other side of the glass mouthpiece. This technique will allow for better vapor sessions because it will enable you to evenly vape all of your materials. After you fill the chamber, simply insert the chamber side of the glass mouthpiece into the side of the vaporizer with the rubber grommet exposed. Press in firmly. After, press the ignition switch, which is similar to lighting a lighter. Within 20 seconds, your materials will be heating and you are good to go. Be careful when igniting the Hammer, as it is safer to do so away from your face. Also, make sure not to touch the glass mouthpiece after being in use for a minute or more because it gets hot very quickly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The only part of the Hammer vaporizer that you really ever have to clean is the glass stem, and you can easily do so with rubbing alcohol and Q-tips. To clean, just slide a Q-tip dampened with alcohol through your stem. This takes away all the residue and leaves your stem looking like new.

Additional information

Weight .86 lbs


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